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25 de marzo de 2011


Today, we are immersed circumstantially in a vortex that sucks us into the center
of the absurd. Maybe I should talk about the electoral climate, the earthquake in Japan, the tsunami, the fact is that all those issues that caught our attention so much, are too foreign for me today. Which leads me to question, what's wrong with me, I am a mean and selfish person incapable of solidarity with their brothers or to commit to democracy. Possibly is not lost, maybe I'm not an egomaniac, but misplaced my social sensitivity in bitter days past. Today I want to talk about life, although proper sense (very subjective) of life. Not meant to be arrogant and assume I know all the answers, I have lived and live from the perspective of a middle-class kid in a developing country and a Catholic, but underdevelopment is not in my mind. We are caught in the spiral of consumer brand that makes us believe that we need every new gadget on the market. You are what you have, and not only satisfy our basic needs enough.
Others look to God, a sect, a teacher lit. Obviously I am not an authority on this subject but for some personal experiences, I would venture to say that the meaning of life is not religion. Mind you, I speak of the institution in general is way too crowded and tortuous that leads nowhere.
The knowledge will save us, there will be some salvation for the human being bombarded with alienation, perhaps, maybe the problem is that the solution liesparadoxically in the absence of a response.
Total nonsense.

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