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15 de febrero de 2012

I'm a little big child...

...Beeboy came to me and invited me to his super party. He seems to be quiet enthusiastic about having me there
I don't trust him very much thou, i was never fond of himself except for that time at Lombardy (a favourite scholar's weekends night eden)
when he was a little drunk and sat on my legs...after that i always thought he was gay.

Although He seemed to be very nice i couldn't pay attention to what he said; I still have these strange feelings and
behaviours taking control of myself, streaming my conciousness since the beast bit me the first day of the year.

...So I was lightheaded and my whole body started to shake, the more i think about it the more frightened i am
I think mind is a dangerous gun,powerful, too powerful that it can even help you to save yourself and disappear from
the sight of the unwanted.

I could fancy myself leaving the scholar's lounge like a poltergeist, swirling and falling into that crazy spiral
i thought i was goin to fainted again, but suddenly... i found myself riding subways in downtown.

New York is a big and complicated city even when you are an interned and you spend most of your free time out there
you keep getting lost, but today somehow i feel refreshed and so found!

Every corner, every shop has a story, and i keep good memories of my unfamous friends
Yes, one day i conquered the world, i rebuild the underground.

We were the wild ones howling under summer moons, the lovers in the streets crushed by buildings, we were
the night people flying over the skyline, we were beautiful and young, human flesh, pure envy of angels...
and then one day we all became ashes.

I do not have many friends nowdays, perhaps if i should have chosen arts instead of english as my major i would
be able to have more connections, but i didnt, so... yes, i go to college to read and write english however i'm still a
third class reader, but i'm glad of it, i have no more complaints, no regrets, but i do have simpathy for loleniless

for the many years of gray days, they never left me, settling me in the lonely shadows they sent their black clouds
to meet me..and still they spit on me.

By Lyra

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