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31 de enero de 2012

the reality of a dreamer

march 22nd, 2011

...I had classes with Chloe. i don't quite remember which one.

I think once again I wasn't there for a while; anyway Lady raccoon looked a bit different, sort of glammy,I think she's
been posing for fashion photographers again, she talks like a famous now. I loved her make up.

8 hours later it was so sad to see the news that Chloe was found dead at her dorm
and that her body was taken and frozen for experimental inquiry since noone claimed for her and
had no family to give her a christian and decent burial.

Early in the morning she talked to me about some kind of plot to derrocate our enemies who
lift conspiracies against her and many of the scholars; she told me too about the celebrations of a new secret society
and that it was very important that i join this club because they need my help with my special(yet for me unknown) talents.

I hope I could have listened to her, but I was "completely zombie" 'thou half concious admiring her exotic beauty and
unique shine in the cold gray morning that i was sedated by the wamrth of her green tea mint breath, and cuddle by
the softness of her flesh.I felt confortably numbed, lovedrunk.
I was wolf in her breast. I was happy.

For i must mention that our conversation was so close, so goddamn close that we were crossing lips, lips to kiss...

It is weird and kind of nice to have those blury, and sweet memories from her, at her last hours...but wait a minute!

much of these make no sense at all, how could it be possible that we can not see Chloe for the last time and say good bye?
why in the world would she have the guts to commit suicide?

By Lyra