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23 de junio de 2011

I'm a little big child / the reality of a dreamer

  • march 23rd, 2011
    ...Beeboy came to me and invited me to his super party. He seems to be quiet enthusiastic about having me there
    I don't trust him very much thou, i was never fond of himself except for that time at Lombardy (a favourite scholar's weekends night eden)
    when he was a little drunk and sat on my legs...after that i always thought he was g ...
  • march 22nd, 2011
    ...I had classes with Chloe. i don't quite remember which one.

    I think once again I wasn't there for a while; anyway Lady raccoon looked a bit different, sort of glammy,I think she's
    been posing for fashion photographers again, she talks like a famous now. I loved her make up.

    8 hours later it was so sad to see the news that Chloe w ...
    by Lyra Silvertongue

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