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21 de octubre de 2005

No Smoking Day

Getting ready to stop smoking
Everyone knows smoking causes you damage and many smokers have tried to quit before. This site is full of information to help you prepare to give up smoking. Whether you're planning on stopping now, or in the future, there's plenty of support to help you go smoke-free.
There's information on the effects of smoking, what it feels like when you're giving up, the benefits of giving up, and lots of information on all of the help available for you to stop smoking.
There are stories of how other people stopped, giving you a little inspiration! Our interactive calculator will help you find out how much money you'll be saving when you stop.
Use the links on the left to find the information you need to help you give up smoking for good!
No Smoking Day 2005 Coaster Competition
No Smoking Day ran a nationwide competition for 9 March 2005 inviting you to create your own No Smoking Day artwork on the flipside of a coaster. Hundreds of entries were received and they were all fantastic. The fifty winning coasters are shown below. Congratulations to all of the winners, who received a No Smoking Day goodie bag!
Organising a No Smoking Day event
On No Smoking Day 2004, 1.4 million people gave up smoking, and 85,000 of these will stay smoke free for good. These amazing figures are overwhelmingly down to the hard work and commitment of professionals and volunteers around the country like you.
Each year 1000s of local events help to raise awareness of the Day and offer smokers support to stop smoking. You might be putting up a poster at work or running an event at your local shopping centre. However big or small, every effort makes No Smoking Day the success it is. You should be able to find everything you need here to make your No Smoking Day the best ever!
What is No Smoking Day?
No Smoking Day (NSD) is organised by a charity of the same name run by 3 full time staff. Based in London the charity is funded by a coalition of governmental and voluntary sector organisations with an interest in health.
NSD aims to help people who want to stop smoking by creating a supportive environment for them, and by highlighting the many sources of help available to people who want to quit.
Now in its 22nd year it is a firm fixture in the UK calendar because of its popularity amongst smokers and continued success. Three quarters of smokers would like to stop, and on NSD over a million try. NSD isn't just about the Day. Giving up smoking requires much planning, encouragement, support and motivation. Helping others to prepare to give up can be done year round, but the Day provides an excellent focus and motivation for many smokers to stop.
The Day's main messages:
No Smoking Day is a good opportunity to stop
Smokers can get help when they want to stop
There are health and other benefits to stopping smoking
What the Day does:
Spurs smokers into action - millions took part in NSD 2004
Appeals to smokers of all types - whatever their age, sex or social status
Publicises and explains the help that smokers can get when they want to stop
Captures the attention of the media with lots of supportive TV, newspaper and radio coverage
What it doesn't do:
Try to force smokers to stop - it's for people who are already interested in doing something about their smoking
Harass smokers - it's not about banning smoking, or picking on smokers
Work in isolation - smokers need support before and after the Day too
What does No Smoking Day achieve?
No Smoking Day is one of the biggest annual health awareness campaigns in the UK. With over twenty years of campaigning and helping smokers it has made a huge contribution towards the health of the nation.

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