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27 de noviembre de 2005


The idea of “House With Bride” began while I was contemplating selling my house in Denver, Colorado. Although my company is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a few years ago I bought a house in Denver. My life in Albuquerque had solely revolved around my work, and I felt that I needed to make some changes to improve my social life and hopefully meet my “soul mate”. Denver was an attractive choice for several reasons. First, it was a nearby major metropolitan city (so I could commute back and forth), and other factors included the wonderful downtown area for socialization, the great climate, beautiful scenery and overall energy of the area. One of the most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods in Denver is Washington Park. I purchased an old home there and spent over a year remodeling and decorating my home. I loved working on my home and took pride in my remodeling accomplishments. There was only one problem…I had not met that special someone to share this house with. My attempts included dating services, blind dates and connections through friends, but I still had not met the man to build a life with. Finally I decided to give my best effort towards something whereby that special man could “find me”. eBay offered an opportunity for a “non-binding” transaction, which provides a means to advertise my house (and myself), with neither party being obligated to complete the transaction. You might be wondering why I have my listing at $600,000.00 plus myself for bid as “priceless”. First, I estimate the value of the house with furnishings at approximately $600,000.00. When I asked my girlfriends their advice on what I (the “bride”) was worth, most responded that I was “priceless”. I hope to find that special man, who wants to build a life with me and share this special home with me. Ideally that man is between 40 and 60 years old, is well educated and well spoken, and has a professional career. Since I am the daughter of a minister, spirituality is also important to me. Other important traits include love of travel and adventure, a good conversationalist, and a lover of animals. Although I don’t have children, I do love them, and am very open to the role of “step-mother”. It is important to me that a man be open and caring, kind in words and deeds, spontaneous to a certain extent, and takes pride in his appearance. It also goes without saying that I want to be with a man who is realistic about and committed to a relationship.

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