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5 de septiembre de 2005

The Black Shirt

I Have the black shirt today my love is of mourning today I have in the soul a sorrow(sentence) and it(he,she) is through the fault of your spell(magic) Today I know that your already you do not love me and it is what more hurts me that I have the black shirt and a sorrow(sentence) that hurts(grieves) me badly seems that alone I remain and it was a pure todita your lie that damned bad luck mine that that day I found you For drinking from the malevolent poison of your love I remain moribund and full of pain to breathe of this bitter smoke of your good-bye And since you went away alone I...I have, have the black shirt Because negress I have the soul I for you lost the calmness And almost I lose up to my bed bed c'mon c'mon baby say to you with dissimulation that I have the black shirt and below I have the deceased I Have the black shirt already I am not interested in your love what yesterday knew me to glory today know me to pure on Wednesday evening and your that you neither come you do not even prove to be signs and I with the black shirt and your suitcases in the door Badly it(he,she) seems...For drinking from the poison...I have, have the black shirt ... (2 V.)
Letter and Song: Juanes

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