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14 de septiembre de 2005

Post indigenous illusion

In the platforms a few sad happy moments
traverse the pace of the beating incaico and
the sound of the distant wind in the space is
born in the blood a few desires of killing the
invader in a few years, a few looks, a few
seconds the life was excited(rowdy)...
It(He,She) descends from the snow-capped
mountain the tears of the Sun a low race grows
in the semidarkness the sad and tired(tiring)
eyes are a reflex of the landscape of the landscape
of the mountain chain after these infinite colors the
empire demands an explanation the solitary bird
that stalks nothing from the high thing remembers(reminds)
with nostalgia the dances and the laughs, the melancholy
instruments of wind that were filtering through the breeze
of the saw without fear of the oppression.
I remember with nostalgia, after these sad eyes of being
living ignored by his(her,your) irrationality, remember(remind)
the shouts and the weepings after the hills, recollection my ayllu
with my latent heart under this gray lime that does not love me abrazar.
Letra Original Paul Chavez

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